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Rumor: Playstation 3 Slim


I was not going to comment on anything on the subject, but after seeing in many places I have no choice but to give my opinion. I talk about the rumor of a redesign of the Playstation 3 version that come in slim, that is much thinner than the current one.

This rumor leaves T3, a British magazine, which shows images even imagine how it could be this console. Sony already has us accustomed to this kind of movement, they did so with previous models of Playstation and also with the laptop. In addition, the new Blu-ray lasers smaller this would be very workable. Continue reading

Sony Mylo 2… In sale now


The improved version of Sony MyloPersonal Communicator, with a touch screen 3.5 “, 1GB of storage space, 1.3 megapixel camera, with Wi-Fi 802.11g, with free access to the access points of the company until the end of Wayport 2010, support AIM, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger and Skype and also supports Flash… will be on sale at 28 this month at a price of $ 299,

Sony Reduces Blu-ray Lasers’ Size and Cost


With Blu-ray destroying the competition, the availability of cheaper units is going to be a big part in the future success of the format. That is why Sony’s recent success in shrinking the basic Blu-ray reader/writer module is a turn for the better. The new modules will pave the way for thinner drive bays and cheaper players. Continue reading

Interview: Sony’s Thoughts On the MacBook Air


During the Keynote, Jobs compared the Macbook Air to Sony’s TZ ultraportable, implying it had a small keyboard and screen, was too thick, and was not that good. Here’s what Sony thinks of the Apple MacBook Air:

Mike Abary, senior vice president of VAIO product marketing, thought the engineering to get a laptop that thin was extremely impressive. But Sony had a similiar vision for an ultraportable once, a carbon fiber notebook in 2004 called the X505 (above) that eschewed the optical and was 0.3 inches thick (compared to 0.16 of the Air) at its thinnest segment. It wasn’t that well received, and research later pointed out that “Thinness is not the holy grail”. Making something that thin and sexy cost it too much usability. (Many of you agree in the comments on Giz.) Continue reading

Sony to Sell 11 Million PS3s By Fiscal Year End


It looks like all that was wrong with the PS3 was the price, because despite a very slow start, Sony has announced that their console will reach worldwide sales numbers of 11 million units by the end of this fiscal year (March 31st, 2008). That’s big news for Sony and the gaming industry, as developers have a lot more incentive to make games for a platform that someone actually owns. Alright, it’s time to place your bets again: how will the console wars end? [yahoonews]

New AIBO PS Rumors Grow, PlayStation AIBO?


It looks like Kotaku’s word on a new AIBO was fairly solid, because a new [still rumor] from Stuff talks about an AIBO PS (or AIBO PlayStation as we read that). Controlled through a PS3, the AIBO PS will appear as an avatar on the PS3 XMB (menu system). Personalities will be downloadable off PSN and…wow, it just gets better (along with the mega-sized scan): Continue reading

Sony NW-EO13 small MP3 player with color display


It is somewhat different to what we had seen previously, and I think that good advertising can sell well. Sony launches NW-E013.

And what’s special about?. It’s an MP3 player small in size and color LCD screen, a feature that is often absent in similar devices. It is compatible with MP3, ATRAC, WMA, AAC and PCM, FM radio and a means 2.9×22.4×13.6 millimeters. Continue reading