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Cheapest Tablet in the world

The cheapest  tablet in the world with an estimated cost of only $ 35, was introduced in India by the Minister of Human Resource Development, Kapil Sibal.

This is a prototype developed by researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Science, and was designed exclusively for student use. While the government is still in talks to see which manufacturer will be in charge of its production in bulk, and have decided that you want ready to deploy in schools over the next year, starting at an early stage by universities, then high school and finally primary education.

Apparently, this is a laptop with no physical keyboard, with a seven-inch touch screen, a weight of 1.5 kg and can run on solar power. It has browser, built-in webcam, hard drive and would not be suitable for video conferencing and multimedia content. The operating system would be Linux, PDF reader and would come with Open Office. As discussed, it would be quite simple in design but engineered to meet basic needs of students. Also, contemplate the possibility of inclusion of other components as the particular needs of each user. It hopes to further reduce its price and cost as much in the future, to no more than $ 10.


Wacom Cintiq 20WSX & 12WX


Wacom Cintiq has renewed its portfolio by entering into two new Tablet PC, whose models are 20WSX and 12WX.

The model 20WSX, has a touch screen 20 “and resolution 1680 × 1050 offered some simple checks to be able to focus the image and navigate through it. Continue reading

Gizmo Proyecto For Nokia N810

Available now version of Gizmo Project for the Nokia N810, which, after using it on the N800 think almost indispensable, or at least one of the best tools to talk to these Internet Tablet.


The typical advantages are simple; toll-free calls to users of Gizmo, Google Talk and MSN; video calls with other users Gizmo; much cheaper rates throughout the world and other things .. But personally what I like is the ability to take all this in a team like N810 to esmucho more comfortable than a notebook and much more powerful than a smartphone.