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Nokia envisions fingerprint-reading cellphone displays


Cellphones with built-in fingerprint scanners aren’t exactly revolutionary, but a recent patent application filed by Nokia could foreshadow mobile displays that recognize and react to biometric inputs. More specifically, the technology would see a touch-sensitive user interface that could allow / deny access or morph depending on what user swiped their finger. Continue reading

Timberland HT2 Outdoor Performance Watch Gives You Time, Temp, Compass and More


If you by some miracle find yourself in the great outdoors this winter, what better accoutrement for your wrist than his Timberland HT2 outdoor performance watch? It has dials on top of dials, of course showing the time in both analog and digital form for keeping track of four time zones in all, but also times your outdoor frolics down to the 100th of a second. Continue reading

The smallest solar car of the world!


Would you like to have a solar car… but your income ($$$) not allow you, why not start with something small… very small? This Mini-car SOLAR is here to keep you amused. Continue reading

U27 Conical MP3 Player and Speakers Look Like a Warhead


The U27, with its neat military name, looks like something scary that Jack Bauer would defuse heroically whilst US citizens sweated in front of their tellies*. Luckily for us, it is not, or mass destruction of the world’s population would be just an “Add To Basket” click away. The U27 is actually an MP3 player with built-in speakers that costs just $89.99. Considering that they throw in a Toshiba 1GB SD card at no extra cost, it’s a bit of a bargain, really. [Deal Extreme via Shiny Shiny]

Toshiba and Samsung will share information on the NAND Memories


Two large companies linking their power. Toshiba and Samsung have announced that they will allow another company to use the products developed, including this memory LBA-NAND and OneNANDTM, Toshiba and Samsung, respectively, and all their derivatives. Continue reading

Wacom Cintiq 20WSX & 12WX


Wacom Cintiq has renewed its portfolio by entering into two new Tablet PC, whose models are 20WSX and 12WX.

The model 20WSX, has a touch screen 20 “and resolution 1680 × 1050 offered some simple checks to be able to focus the image and navigate through it. Continue reading

Toshiba Tekbright


Toshiba has launched its new digital photo Tekbright, which is presented as a good option to buy if you plan to buy this type of device towards Christmas.

It has an LCD touch 7 “and resolution 720 × 480, flash memory with 64MB Upgradeable thanks to the memory slot that integrates and a USB 2.0 port. Continue reading