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Toshibal launching 920T mobile phone in Japan


It’s a slider, its all white, and it looks pretty good considering I had no idea Toshiba even made mobile phones. It has 3G and 1-Seg wireless TV access in the way of wireless communications. Continue reading

Toshiba and Samsung will share information on the NAND Memories


Two large companies linking their power. Toshiba and Samsung have announced that they will allow another company to use the products developed, including this memory LBA-NAND and OneNANDTM, Toshiba and Samsung, respectively, and all their derivatives. Continue reading

Toshiba Tekbright


Toshiba has launched its new digital photo Tekbright, which is presented as a good option to buy if you plan to buy this type of device towards Christmas.

It has an LCD touch 7 “and resolution 720 × 480, flash memory with 64MB Upgradeable thanks to the memory slot that integrates and a USB 2.0 port. Continue reading

Toshiba Satellite Pro P200-19R


Within its range Satellite Pro, Toshiba has just include your new laptop, whose model is called P200-19R.

It has a screen WXGA of 17.1 “and resolution 1440 × 900, SATA hard disk with a capacity of 200GB and Intel Core 2 Duo T7250 with a speed of 2GHz.
Continue reading

Toshiba Hoons Out 80GB Hard Drive For Autos


As a response to many companies and end users installing hard drives into cars for portable entertainment systems, Toshiba’s introducing the MK8050 hard drive that has increased shock tolerance and vibration dampening. The disk has a cushion of air around the head to prevent scratching, which causes data loss, swearing and begging. Expect to see it in GPS units and do-it-yourselfer kits next March. [Toshiba Storage via Electronista]

Toshiba one-ups Philips with AquilionONE CT scanner


Philips’ Brilliance iCT sure had a nice run, but no sooner than it hit the spotlight, Toshiba has arrived fashionably late to steal a little thunder. Continue reading