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Samsung launches its new mobile HSDPA DMB TV CH-W350 / SPH-W3500


Samsung has launched in the Korean market its new mobile CH-W350 / SPH-W3500 available on Anycall.

The CH-W350 / SPH-W3500 incorporate a tilting display in this way be able to watch TV in landscape mode… some of the features that we find ourselves in these mobiles are: 3MP camera, Bluetooth, 7.2Mbps, global WCDMA / GSM and DMB TV tuner.

These mobile are available in red and black.

Via | I4U News

New series X Sharp LCD televisions, with thickness of 3.5 cm


That Sharp in a press conference in Japan to announce a new series of models of LCD TVs within its range is not something that is extraordinary. But of all the new models are some of those who did not want to stop talk.

The new AQUOS LCD televisions come with the X series, in sizes 37, 42 and 46 inches, fairly large as we see, and all of them with a thickness of only 1.4 inches, centimeters come to be about 3.5. These are teams with 1080p resolution, technology 120 Hz and contrast of 15.000:1. Continue reading

Toshibal launching 920T mobile phone in Japan


It’s a slider, its all white, and it looks pretty good considering I had no idea Toshiba even made mobile phones. It has 3G and 1-Seg wireless TV access in the way of wireless communications. Continue reading