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Don’t install IE7 Before You update to XP SP3

As everyone knows, we have now the new Windows XP SP3, which comes with a couple of improvements which included the latest security updates… if by chance have installed the IE7 before you upgrade to SP3 and decide to uninstall again, you can find a small problem because uninstalling option is grayed out and not let you remove the system from any of the ways.

The explanation is very simple, since the move to the version of IE6, NO lot of security packages that are implemented by the SP3 .. for this the only possible solution today is to install the SP3 and after the IE7… thus desistalar so you can whenever you want.

iPhone 1.1.3 Update Coming by Saturday with New Features? [Rumor]

CNET France is pointing to “various rumors” that the iPhone will be getting a 1.1.3 update by the end of this week. And the two updates will both be welcome: voice recording, which is pretty self explanatory, and hard drive storage capabilities.

Similarly to an iPod, the iPhone will prohibit the drag and drop sharing of iTunes media, but it will support your other data transfers a la flash drive. It sounds like a solid update, even if there’s nothing Earth-shattering in the mix. (Oh, and of course those who’ve hacked their iPhones can expect the standard repercussions…blah blah…yada yada yada.)

[cnet via electronista]

Rumor Smashed: No IPTV on Xbox 360 in Fall Update

Although the Fall Xbox 360 Update brings a lot (most notably spectacular DivX and XviD support), what it doesn’t bring is IPTV. A few sites picked up the rumor that IPTV came with this update, but needs provider support to work. However, we contacted Microsoft and they told us in no uncertain terms that there was no IPTV update in this round. Maybe Spring Update? Oh, and that’s not a picture of my dash.

[Via | Gizmodo]

Firefox, A Emergency Update



Just be published Firefox, an emergency update Mozilla boys had to get out to the streets by the disaster of the role Canvas.drawImage occurred with the previous version. The explanation of the bug can be found here.

Already know if Firefox has failed to account for its updated automatically, you can do it yourself in the Help menu | Time… If you do not use Firefox, you are reading this and want to use it, you can Download here in all languages and systems Operating supported by the browser.