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Trailer de ‘Bully: Scholarship Edition’


Take2 Spain, we have sent the first trailer for the new ‘Bully: Scholarship Edition’. You know that on this occasion we will continue the adventures of Jimmy Hopkins both Xbox360 and Wii.

The trailer shows the same scenario we know of the PS2 version, but with much greater definition and some effects of post-processing. Addressing some glazes that have the characters. Will this trailer a good illustration of what we depararán final versions? Continue reading

eBayer wants $15000 for Darth Vader Wii


Serious Star Wars fans might like this custom Darth Vader Wii that’s currently up for for sale over on EBay.

Yeah, just about anything gets ratcheted up a couple levels on the fantasmical scale if Darth Vader makes a cameo, but seriously, $15,000 for a Dark Side Wii on Ebay? To be frank, this auction has spoof written all over it, but whatever the case, redferndesign is offering up a “limited edition” (one of four, supposedly) Wii system with a red CD input LED, an all black motif, Darth Vader imprinted on the side and a pair of black Wiimotes / nunchucks. Continue reading

Just How White Does Tide Get Your Consoles?


Kotaku did an interesting whiteness comparison between the Wii, 360 and newest PS3. Reminding us of one of those teeth whitening before and afters you see around midnight on every channel, the PS3 dominates the (competition?) with absolutely stunning, pearly whiteness. The Wii holds its own with a solid, “standard” white. But the Xbox 360? That one’s a smoker. Because next to the other consoles, it’s looking gray…which is odd, because I’d describe their “black” Elite as a bit gray as well. [kotaku]

Very NSFW Video: Beautiful Topless Girls Playing Wii

Wii Girls

OK, it goes like this: Get a Nintendo Wii. An assorted group of topless buxom bombshells. Five gallons of Johnson & Johnson Baby oil. Mix it all with a lot of Wii games and a few cameras for some multi-angle action. The result: extremely not-safe-for-work and surprisingly entertaining videos that ask you “What game are they playing” after watching the girls play for a few minutes. This page-3-girl smut comes, naturally, from England. And all I can say is: God save the Queen!

Watch [Video]

Watch II[Video]

[via | Nuts -NSFW]

The Wii is MORE Expensive This Year Than Last


I4U points out that when acquiring some Wiis from wholesalers, they were surprised to find that the price had increased from last year. While the Wii retails for $250, in 2006 they had to settle for a $476.11 pricetag for just the Wii system. This year, that number has inflated to $538.80…or become $60 more expensive. We can’t believe it either. Continue reading

Free Gifts Including PS3 And Wii

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Nintendo Prints Money


Or such is the conclusion to be drawn from the figures that the company is revealing Kyoto during the last few hours. The latest talk of a total of 32.3 billion won thanks to the 7.8 million downloads that have occurred on the Virtual Console Wii since it was launched. Continue reading

Craftsman builds Wiimote cabinet, neglects wrist strap


We’re not exactly sure why folks aren’t as inclined to create confections, earrings and door unlockers with those other controllers, but something about the Wiimote just brings out the craftsman in DIY’ers at large. Continue reading

Nyko’s Perfect Shot Wiimote accessory — less toy, more gun


Those who found the Zapper a tad too childish for their sadistic imaginations should probably adore Nyko’s alternative, as the Perfect Shot Gun doesn’t dumb down its appearance whatsoever. Continue reading

The Unreal Engine 3 is in development for Wii


Although Epic Games denied at the time through its president Mark Rein the fact that its graphics engine star would end up in Wii, he has been in charge of confirming that a development team whose name preferred to keep secret is presently working in adapting the powerful Unreal Engine 3 to the Nintendo home console.

Continue reading