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The XP SP3 delayed at the last minute

Microsoft has decided to postpone the launch of Windows XP SP 3 at the last minute due to a problem of compatibility with the application Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System. According to some statements of the spokesman of the company, Microsoft has decided not to put the patch in the service Windows Update until they put a filter that can not allow such an update to users of Microsoft Dynamics. Microsoft while warns users that software that did not implement until they had solved the problem. For now Microsoft has not given final date of when will launch the SP3.

Windows XP and Vista with a new security problem in QuickTime

Researchers have discovered a new security problem with the QuickTime for Windows, and this time assure us that allows seizing the PCs infected. Users of OS X did not have to worry, since it is exclusively a problem with XP and Vista. Using the same tactic of creating a QuickTime specially designed, and placing it in a web page, the hacker can control the PC, even launch applications. Researchers have decided not to publish details to avoid a disaster; safe that Apple has begun to investigate the problem, and a patch reaches us shortly.

You can now download Windows Vista SP1 (English)


Officially, it will not be available until March, but now it seems that the Windows Vista SP1 what you can download from the same server from this link

This is a little secret that we have uncovered a user of WinBeta… has a size of 1.2GB on Windows systems 32bits/64bits Vista.

Windows Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008 are already complete


The Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has communicated to financial analysts on Monday that Microsoft has already completed the development of the two main products of the company: the Windows Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008.

“Both products have stared since today”, Ballmer has comunicated some big Deployments business Windows Vista, including Continental Airlines, which currently are in a process of improvement of approximately 10,000 systems . Continue reading

It seems that we will have the Windows 7 2011-2009


According to industry sources in the IT version of the new Microsoft operating system would be available for the second half of 2009, within a year and a half or so. The first test version of Windows 7 has already been sent to business partners in the process of assessing the characteristics and the road map of development aims 2009 as the date for distribution to the general public of this new version of Microsoft software star. Continue reading

Windows Vista Plus Pack

Vista Plus PackMicrosoft is finalizing the launch of a pack of utilities for Windows Vista.
Originally scheduled for February 15, the pack will include new features for Windows Aero, four new games, an impressive interface to allow multiple tasks simultaneously, and animations view of all open applications and documents.

It also provides the operating system for a new search module capable of locating content throughout the system.
Finally will also include Windows Touch Tablet and all the functionality of Windows Media Center.

Of course payment, a likely price of 39.99 dollars.

HTC Touch Clone Has GPS, But Still Runs Windows Mobile


If we were a Chinese company that made knockoff phones, we probably wouldn’t make a knockoff of the HTC Touch. Not that the phone is bad—it’s somewhat usable—but putting Windows Mobile 5 on any phone when WM6 is the standard now is kind of a bad idea. However, we would follow in their footsteps and beef up hardware features to include a GPS, a 2-megapixel camera and fingerprint security. We just wouldn’t put Windows Mobile 5 on it. [EC51 via Uber Gizmo]

Mac Os could run Windows applications natively


They discovered evidence that seem to point in the sense that the Mac could soon run Windows applications without having installed any software virtualised.

In fact, although narrowly, for some time projects such as the open-source Wine has facilitated some of this functionality.
Continue reading

Windows XP to get a significant performance boost with SP3?

We’re always a little wary of unconfirmed speed reports derived from beta software — especially when no build number is given — but a Florida shop called Devil Mountain Systems is claiming that Windows XP SP3 will offer a 10 percent speed increase over SP2, going so far as to call it a “must-have update.” Continue reading