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Toshibal launching 920T mobile phone in Japan


It’s a slider, its all white, and it looks pretty good considering I had no idea Toshiba even made mobile phones. It has 3G and 1-Seg wireless TV access in the way of wireless communications. Continue reading

Wireless Spy Camera Pen


Fully functioning and normal looking pen with completely inconspicuous built in wireless mini spy camera, and also coming with an included solar charger for quick and easy recharging of the pen cameras built in Li-ion battery. Continue reading

Qingbar GP300, World’s First Wireless Video Glasses


Video glasses have had a hard time catching on, but maybe it’s because of all the wires involved. Then along comes the Qingbar GP300, billed as the world’s first wireless video glasses with a built-in media player. Right out of the gate, you can pack plenty of DivX videos onto a mini SD card, great for video pirates who want to walk around in a disguise that reminds everybody of Geordie from Star Trek. Continue reading