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GTA IV’ in PS3 works with 620p & on Xbox360 at 720p. ¿WTF?

Or at least that is what ensure various forums and specialized web pages the sector, as Kotaku or Eurogamer. It seems that the version of ‘GTA IV’ that has been developed for PS3 operates at a resolution that not just be HD, we are going to 620 lines of resolution instead of the 720 to which we are accustomed. But calm, as we noted recently, the power visual the title remains excellent. Continue reading

Just How White Does Tide Get Your Consoles?


Kotaku did an interesting whiteness comparison between the Wii, 360 and newest PS3. Reminding us of one of those teeth whitening before and afters you see around midnight on every channel, the PS3 dominates the (competition?) with absolutely stunning, pearly whiteness. The Wii holds its own with a solid, “standard” white. But the Xbox 360? That one’s a smoker. Because next to the other consoles, it’s looking gray…which is odd, because I’d describe their “black” Elite as a bit gray as well. [kotaku]

Michael Bay’s format war conspiracy theory: it’s a Microsoft fix


It’s no secret that Michael “Transformers” Bay prefers his high definition optical discs in the Blu variety, but what we didn’t know was how convinced the man is that the whole format war is nothing but a stalling tactic, with Microsoft pulling all the strings. Continue reading

Xbox 360 HD DVD player stoops to $129


Not even six months after the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive fell to an oh-so-tempting $179, the unit has now reached an even lower low. That’s right kids, the attachment has just plummeted to a juicy $129, which would honestly sound a whole lot sweeter if not for that sub-$100 HD DVD fiasco still lingering in our heads. Nevertheless, we’ve already noticed the player’s new price tag over at Amazon and Toys R Us, but feel free to point out any other price slashings in comments below.

Read – $129.99 at Amazon
Read – $129.98 at Toys R Us

Rumor Smashed: No IPTV on Xbox 360 in Fall Update

Although the Fall Xbox 360 Update brings a lot (most notably spectacular DivX and XviD support), what it doesn’t bring is IPTV. A few sites picked up the rumor that IPTV came with this update, but needs provider support to work. However, we contacted Microsoft and they told us in no uncertain terms that there was no IPTV update in this round. Maybe Spring Update? Oh, and that’s not a picture of my dash.

[Via | Gizmodo]

Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility Updated


The Xbox 360 backward compatibility team’s just pumped out a batch of new updates, this time adding support for many older sports games, driving games and Batman games. Continue reading