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Google questions Microsoft’s bid for Yahoo!


It shouldn’t come as a surprise to readers that the folks over at Google might not be totally stoked on the potential merger of Microsoft and Yahoo!. If you weren’t sure were the company stood on the issue, you can now get clued in thanks to a post on the official Google Blog earlier today. Continue reading

Sony to Sell 11 Million PS3s By Fiscal Year End


It looks like all that was wrong with the PS3 was the price, because despite a very slow start, Sony has announced that their console will reach worldwide sales numbers of 11 million units by the end of this fiscal year (March 31st, 2008). That’s big news for Sony and the gaming industry, as developers have a lot more incentive to make games for a platform that someone actually owns. Alright, it’s time to place your bets again: how will the console wars end? [yahoonews]

Yahoo Launches Dashboard For 2008 Elections


Yahoo already has a 2008 election site with deep content on the candidates and issues. But digging through all that content to find relevant stats comparing the candidates can take awhile.

This afternoon the Elections team launched a new part of the site, called Dashboard, which contains basic polling and funding stats for each candidate in one easy to read screen. Continue reading

Yahoo Newspaper Partnership Expands, Total Now 555

Yahoo has signed 17 new newspapers to its newspaper partnership grouping, taking the total number of partners to approx 555 since launching in November 2006.

New partners include The Columbus Dispatch and 16 regional newspapers owned by The New York Times Company, but as the Wall Street Journal points out, not the NY Times itself.

The partnerships consist of three main services; syndication of local content on Yahoo, advertising powered by Yahoo on paper websites, and perhaps the biggest selling point: wholesale access for newspapers to list job ads on HotJobs. The last point provides a value-ad for newspapers when selling job listings as delivers the ability to sell for both their own print publications and online at a time where job advertising in moving more and more online only.

Google has this year started to cut its own syndication deals, but still doesn’t come close to the range and scope of Yahoo’s partner base.

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